Wednesday, February 25, 2015

[THIMPHU] Galingkha Hotel

The tour agency chooses your accommodation for you, and this would most likely be a three-star hotel. You can request for a four or five-star hotel but there is an additional fee for that. In any case, I am more than satisfied with the hotels I got because I am a hostel kind of guy. Anything which offers more privacy and creature comforts for me is definitely a plus. Galingkha Hotel is right at the corner of Thimphu’s main shopping street which makes it very accessible wherever you plan to go, thanks to its central location.

I was overwhelmed by the size of the room. It was so huge you could play bowling in there. There are two desks both by the windows, facing the street. The bed was big as well. There are two heaters to counter the cold weather. The bathroom has a tub but the heater for the hot water refuses to function after a while. I was only able to fill half the tub before the hot water ran out.  The Wi-Fi reached the room but was not fast enough for efficient photo and video upload. Breakfast is continental. The hotel has no elevator.

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