Thursday, February 26, 2015

[PARO] Hotel Drukchen

The room I got at Hotel Drukchen was not as big but still huge based on my personal standards. They gave me twin beds instead of a queen, which was fine by me. There were two seats by the window, which I never opened because it was too cold. A large desk and a TV were right in front of the wall opposite the beds. The bathroom seemed larger than the one at Galingkha. The hot water here had the same problem, although I was able to get more than just enough for a good hot bath.

Dinner was buffet style and okay in terms of taste. They packed me breakfast the next day in the form of three slices of bread with strawberry jam plus mango juice. Anyway, I appreciate the really thick blankets provided, as they really shielded me from the cold! I did not see any heater inside the room, by the way. The only downside is that they charge you for Wi-Fi in the room, but it’s not really a big deal because it’s just 200 Ngultrum anyway. Overall, I am really satisfied with this hotel.
[PARO] Journey to the Tiger's Nest
[PARO] Drukchen Hotel

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