Friday, February 27, 2015

[KATHMANDU] Kathmandu Resort Hotel

I must admit that my Kathmandu plans are really half-baked, and my last-ditch attempt to book accommodations in advance backfired. And so I was left with no option but come to Kathmandu and search for one myself. I chose one really close to The Last Resort, so I ended up at Kathmandu Resort Hotel. Do not be fooled by the name because this place seems more like a motel to me, but I like the room I got which I think is cheap for its category.

It might seem like splurging but I don’t care. The room has a queen size bed and a single one. There is a mini-fridge, a TV, and a couch. I am really splurging, in short, because I do not need all that. But I need the fancy linen and drapes and that feeling of being at home which this room provides. That would suffice. I do not like the bathroom that much. There is a tub, but some of the tiles on the wall are broken and left that way. I like how they have consistent hot water though.

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