Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 15

15. It's All My Fault
Annalise brings everyone back to her house, including Rebecca, who is uncooperative at first but Annalise persuades her to, untying her so she can sit comfortably on the couch while the rest try to prove to her that she is guilty of Stangard’s murder. None of them manages to convince Annalise, who still believes that her husband did it. The mock trial is disrupted by Asher, whom Frank tries to dismiss but he gets into the house anyway. All of them manage to move downstairs before he can find them. Once again tied to a chair, Rebecca tells Wes that she did not kill Lila. Further flashbacks show that Sam indeed met up with her on the rooftop the night she died. He promised her that he will divorce Annalise, before calling someone on the phone, telling the person on the other line that they “owe” him and that they should “do it now.” Minutes later, a guy is seen strangling Stangard on the rooftop. That man is revealed to be Frank, who later throws her corpse into the water tank. Back in the basement, Rebecca appears to have escaped, but as everyone leaves, Annalise goes back down to meet up with Frank. As they both look at Rebecca’s lifeless body hidden from plain sight, they both ask each other if they did it, and they both deny.

FML. A cliffhanger, really? I have to wait for the next season to find out what’s going to happen next? A lot of questions are answered, but they leave more questions that need more answers! I thought the new season was going to start on a clean slate somehow. Oh well, how wrong was I. It looks like they are going to let this storyline drag on for a while. If neither Frank nor Annalise ended up killing Rebecca, then who did? Michaela seems to be the really aggressive one, but she was also caught off-guard when Laurel gave her back her ring, revealing that she had it all along. If Laurel is in cahoots with Frank and has proven to be very good at manipulating people as well, could she have done it? I don’t think Connor did it, but that news that Oliver tested HIV positive is ironic and sad. I actually ship Coliver more than I do Webecca. LOL. I don’t think Wes did it either. He’s just not capable. Argh, this is so nerve wracking. But way to go, guys. You just made sure that we’d tune in next season. I know I would. The curiosity is killing me, seriously.

“So let's be fair to everyone and figure it out once and for all. Let's finally give Rebecca her day in court.” –Annalise Keating

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