Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 14

14. The Night Lila Died
The court denies Nate’s petition for bail, but Annalise uses Asher’s connection with the judge to have her inhibit so another one can be assigned, who then grants Nate’s bail. Nate could not trust her anymore, but is left without a choice. He fires his lawyer and calls the number she gave him. The firm defends a priest who killed another for molesting a boy. They lose the case because he does not want to break his religious vows. 5 months earlier, a fight ensues between Rebecca and Lila, something witnessed by Rudy Walters next door. Rebecca then seduces Griffin in his frat house and sends Lila a message on his phone to come over so she can catch them on the act, which she does. Wes has lost faith in Rebecca after he and Laurel visit Rudy in rehab, who convinces them that Rebecca has been lying all along. They start to wonder if she indeed killed Lila and if their coming to her defense was for nothing. Michaela and Connor find out, the four abduct Rebecca, tie her down, and call Annalise to tell her what they have done.

I’m looking at another possible angle here. What if Rebecca is bisexual and she actually liked Lila, then just used Griffin to ruin their relationship so she can be with her? It just does not make sense for her to act the way she does when it is pretty much obvious that she does NOT like the boy. In any case, it’s an ugly sad mess. I guess she felt that Wes was the first guy to come along that she could trust, and now he has betrayed her. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but emo kids like Rebecca need special attention because their guard is always up. They always have trust issues, and she just proved that she is right to have them in the first place. I don’t think she killed Stangard, and it’s good that Annalise does not seem to think so either. Anyway, the episode has been a good build up for the season finale. Here’s hoping that all our questions will be finally answered. I am really curious as to how everything will play out in the end. Who goes down? Who walks away? Who is really guilty in all this?

“Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do.” –Annalise Keating

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