Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 12

12. She's a Murderer
Annalise’s clients get cold feet due to her current dilemma, while Hannah is hell bent in incriminating her sister-in-law. They take on a mob case involving narcotics, despite all of them being shaken by news of Sam’s body being found, making Annalise the new prime suspect in the murder. A search of the house does not reveal any DNA traces, thanks to them cleaning up well after the deed. She confronts Connor and tells him that he won’t ever trust her, but assures him that their odds are better with her. She slays in the courtroom and proves her mettle as a defense attorney despite being under pressure. Bonnie figures out things on her own and catches up on what really happened. She tells Annalise not to ruin herself protecting the real killers. The cops find Annalise’s ring in the woods where the four were to dispose Sam’s body, Nate’s fingerprint along with it. A flashback reveals Annalise instructing Frank to plant said evidence, showing that she’s orchestrating all of it as a way out for her students, whom she promised to save.

Wow, can someone cast Annalise in Game of Thrones, please. With her scheming ways, I’m pretty sure she’ll be a good contender for the Iron Throne. Or perhaps she can give Tyrion a run for his money. She is such a badass bitch, and Frank is not that bad either as her helper elf in all her dirty work. I guess this is why she rocks as a character, because the weakness she shows everyone is genuine, but even that very character defect is utilized really well in the grand scheme of things which she has total control of. I suppose that she will not throw Nate under the bus. I mean, why pin the murder on him if she knows there is no way out. Or maybe he will be the scapegoat in all of this. There should be one, right? I also like how the people around her are not that stupid, like Bonnie figuring out things on her own, for instance. Even so, she always seems one step ahead of everyone else. I appreciate Hannah’s candor and passive-aggressive stance, but compared to Annalise, she’s just a whining baby. Up your game, biatch.

“You gotta arrest me because my grief doesn’t look the way you want it? Go ahead.” –Annalise Keating

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