Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 11

11. Best Christmas Ever
Annalise spends a week in a hotel room binge eating and drinking before finally facing her sister-in-law, who lobbies hard for her brother’s innocence. Back for 2nd semester, the firm takes on the case of a woman whose husband is keeping two girls captive in their basement. They work on getting her a good plea deal. Hannah follows Annalise around snooping for clues. She still hooks up with Nate anyway. Holiday flashbacks reveal: Laurel not having a good relationship with her family; Connor trying to woo Oliver into having a relationship, and getting his car stolen; Asher and Frank in a bro-down at a bar; and Michaela acting weirdly around Aiden that he decides to postpone the wedding. Laurel tries to keep the group together, but Connor just can’t trust anyone at the moment. Annalise throws Hannah off course by having Frank send her false clues. It works for a while, but she proves headstrong in finding answers. The evening news reports the discovery of human remains in a landfill, identifying it as Sam’s.

Can we bring back Slutty Connor please? Paranoid Connor is a little bit hard to deal with, although I guess such behavior is just understandable when you just murdered someone. Now that Sam’s remains have been identified, it looks like Annalise will have to defend her very own self for murder. After all, she has the motive, and the sister-in-law seems hell bent in getting her ass in jail too. No love between those two, I suppose. The teaser for the next episode looks quite intense, which is just right because this episode is not that exciting. But we needed this breather, really. With just four episodes left, I think it’s gonna be one hell of a ride trying to get away with murder for this group. As for Hannah, she seems to be the passive aggressive type. Annalise considers her a headache but I think she can get rid of her easily. Talking about that, it looks like Frank is used to doing her dirty work. That question he asked her on whether she wants him to “take care of it”. I’m starting to wonder what he actually meant by that.

“Have none of you done anything bad that you need a lawyer for?” –Annalise Keating

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