Monday, February 23, 2015

[DHAKA] Golpata Bed and Breakfast

There aren’t so many options when it comes to accommodations in Dhaka, well at least according to Hostelworld. And so even when I saw that average prices were hovering just above USD20, I thought I had no other choice. And so I selected the one closer to the airport and ended up with Golpata Eco Tours. It turns out to be a good choice after all. I got a single room with bathroom en suite and it feels just like your very own room in the city, in an apartment shared with roomies from all around the world.

Yes, it is one of the apartments in a row of five-story buildings, a mini gated subdivision in its own right. Elevators are available for your convenience. Breakfast is unlimited bread and your choice of dip, whether it be Nutella or pineapple jam. The caretaker is friendly and very helpful too! And now the cons: the internet speed is HORRIBLE, and the location of the property could have been better. I have no other complaints other than those two.

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