Tuesday, January 27, 2015

[BALI] CX Hostel Bali Kuta

I guess I should no longer be surprised by the wealth of options when it comes to accommodations in Bali. After all, this is a very popular playground for Australians and many other tourists from around the world. CX Hostel Bali has three branches, and the one nearest to the airport was where I stayed longer. For my one night transit, though, I stayed in their Legian branch. All I can say is that the capsule beds look the same regardless which branch you end up in. What I appreciate most of all is the sort of pseudo-privacy you get thanks to the blinds.

That does not mean, though, that you are immune to noise. The capsules are not soundproof but what do you expect? This is dorm style accommodation after all, and you are bound to make friends or foes depending on how well you behave. There is a high school type steel locker for your belongings, as well as a drawer under the bunk big enough for carry-on luggage to fit in. Your capsule will have its own desk and desk light, as well as a single socket. The bathroom is common and nothing fancy, but it serves its purpose.

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