Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 8

8. He Has a Wife
Annalise confronts Sam about Stangard’s pregnancy with Bonnie as a witness, but he denies knowledge about it. Annalise tells Wes but asks him not to say anything to Rebecca. He tells her anyway, and then she informs Nate. Six months earlier, a giggling Lila Stangard tells Rebecca that she has met someone, a certain Mr. Darcy, and that he has a wife. Further flashbacks reveal that she and Sam did it and that the latter wanted to end it after a while. She also met Bonnie who drove her away when she tried to tell Annalise everything. The firm takes on the case of a woman whose sleeping pills sends her in a trance, leading to her allegedly murdering their Scandinavian nanny. It turns out the husband did it and he gets arrested instead. Frank and Laurel continue to play around, and she discovers that he has a girlfriend. Asher keeps on flirting with Bonnie. Bonnie confirms that Sam knows about Lila’s pregnancy, tells Annalise, and gets fired. Michaela steals the trophy from Asher. Wes finds out about Rebecca and Nate.

Okay, now this is an exciting episode. It just seems like everything is finally coming together, and it looks like we are getting closer and closer to the night of Sam’s murder. The circumstances that send the four together on their path to murder is also clear now. Perhaps, the biggest surprise is Bonnie. Being fired and all, she now has a motive for revenge on the couple, right? But given the flashback in the previous episode, I think she and Asher are already acquitted because them hooking up is already their alibi. We already know as well that it was Rebecca who eventually kills Sam, because it came straight from her mouth in a previous episode. And so it makes me wonder, why I am even excited about this? We already solved the puzzle, apparently. I don’t know, maybe I am just waiting for the confirmation, or who knows, what if they suddenly throw in some twist in there. My only reservation is that this is just the 8th episode. What are they going to do with the remaining seven if we have already reached the climax?

“Like I care enough about your stupid sex life to tell anyone.” –Rebecca Sutter

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