Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 5

5. We're Not Friends
Frank calls Laurel as the group is in the middle of disposing Sam’s body. When Michaela confronts her about it, she tells them that she slept with him. Flashback weeks before, Sam admits to Annalise that he had an affair with Lila Stangard but denies hurting her. She calls in Rebecca to be subjected to psych evaluation by Sam. Rebecca doesn’t seem to know him, but he shows clear signs of nervousness when he finds out he’s evaluating her. Rebecca eventually flees and tells Wes not to trust Annalise. Apparently, she has seen the wallpaper at Annalise’s house matching the background in the nude photos on Stangard’s phone. The firm deals with the case of a teenager who shot his father in defense of his mother. Annalise highlights the importance of picking the members of the jury. They end up with a mistrial after Laurel indirectly, albeit intentionally, let the members of the jury know about nullification. The defendant gets away with community service, counselling, and some juvy time.

I think I am missing an important point here, which is the absence of Annalise in the present timeline. Where the heck is she? And now that we know that she is trying to protect her husband somehow, it makes you wonder what her involvement in this murder really is. It’s also fun to witness the dynamics between her and Wes change. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve always seen them as a mother and son tandem since Day 1, as if she has chosen to adopt him as her own, metaphorically at least. And now that Rebecca stands between them, how will this further affect their professional relationship? There are 15 episodes, and we are just 1/3 done with the season. I guess there are more surprises in store as the next few episodes roll out. As for the episode focusing on Laurel, well at least she gets her spotlight at last, although I still find it a bit lacking. I want to know more about her other than being Frank’s slut. Her words, not mine!

“I’m a cheater, yes, and a slut. And a bad person. And now, a murderer.” –Laurel Castillo

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