Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 4

4. Let's Get to Scooping
The group dismembers the body and everyone is hyperventilating, especially now that Asher (Matt McGorry) knows that they were in Annalise’s office that night. Flashback to seven weeks earlier, the law firm takes on an insider trading case involving Marren (Elizabeth Perkins), who they believe has been framed up by one of her employees. Connor seduces her personal assistant and gets a recording of him on the phone implicating that he is in cahoots with another person in the office. He later commits suicide when he is found out. Oliver throws Connor out after discovering that he screwed the guy. Rebecca’s defense proves to be difficult because she has confessed guilty of Stangard’s murder, but she is set free after they get their hands on a copy of her confession video, which shows that she’s been coerced. She finally gives Wes the unlock code of Stangard’s phone which she hid under his sink. He hands the phone to Annalise, who confronts her husband upon seeing revealing photos of him on the victim’s phone.

Hmmkay, so the plot thickens. So my theory is a little bit obvious, but Rebecca’s presence at the office on the night of Sam’s murder seems to suggest that there was a confrontation between the two of them. As to how the other four got involved and who dealt the fatal blow, well, we are yet to find out. I loved the episode, though. Elizabeth Perkins has got to be the most interesting guest star here so far. It’s not just her feisty demeanor, but also her relationship with Annalise herself. So far, she has not been that sympathetic towards the clients that they have been defending, but you can see obvious rapport with this one, and they are not at all afraid to take on each other. It’s fun seeing a light side to Annalise. We only get to see much of her headstrong and needy sides so far. And about Asher, well, he’s less annoying in this episode and he’s starting to show some sense of humor, but he doesn’t seem to get along well with the group. Maybe that’s why he appears to be an outsider most of the time.

“Sam, why is your penis on the dead girl’s phone?” –Annalise Keating

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