Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 2

2. It's All Her Fault
The body of Lila Stangard is found lifeless and floating in a water tank. Her jock boyfriend, as well as Rebecca (Katie Findlay), Wes’ neighbor and love interest are arrested for murder. The law firm handles yet another murder case involving an eccentric man charged for murdering his second wife. Connor once again turns to IT analyst Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) for hacking illegal evidence, while Laurel earns her keep by providing a key theory resulting in the acquittal of their client. Annalise and her boyfriend Nate (Billy Brown) call it quits, but he’s still the one she runs to after seeing emails between Lila and her husband suggesting a possible intimate relationship between the two. He advises her to be more careful. Flash forward to present time and it is revealed that the group is protecting a woman which has led them to their current dilemma. That woman turns out to be Rebecca, in hiding, and in an apparent relationship with Wes.

Argh, could I have not chosen another show that would not require the use of my brain, please? This is just the second episode and they are already throwing a lot of hints and clues our way, and sometimes it’s hard to figure it all out even when it’s right in front of you, staring at your face. But I think that’s what makes each episode interesting. It’s one whole season of an elaborate Whodunit puzzle that you are welcome to solve, if you want to of course. But for most of us lazy-asses, perhaps waiting until the season finale would do. Hey, it’s all exciting! I like how they show the same flash forward over and over again, but adding some subtle details each and every time, which is such a delight for those who love mystery cases like this. My theory is that Prof’s husband killed Stangard, then put the blame on Wes’ GF. But who killed Prof’s husband? And why are all four of them involved in the cover-up? Damn it, I’m so bad at this. Why am I so bad at this? I’m wondering how I’ve managed not to read spoilers until now. Loving it!

“Do you know who anyone really is?” –Annalise Keating

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