Saturday, June 28, 2014

[LISBOA] Vistas de Lisboa Hostel

Vistas de Lisboa Hostel is conveniently located in one of the narrow streets leading to Praça da Figueira. This are is called Baixa, and it gives you immediate access to the how many streets of shopping care of the many souvenir and apparel stores spread out across that small area. The Elevador da Santa Justa is also just a few blocks away, like less than five minutes of walking. It is one of the cheaper hostel options in the area, considering its strategic location.

The signage is not that obvious, but you would eventually find it. Ask around. Use Google maps. Use a traditional map. The elevator leading up to the floor where the hostel is on was not installed with claustrophobics in mind. As for the facilities, the rooms are mostly shared but the bunk beds are comfortable anyway. You also have a balcony view, but rather restricted by the buildings across the road. The communal bathrooms are not that attractive, but serve their purpose. Free breakfast too!
[LISBON] Vistas de Lisboa Hostel
[LISBON] Hashish, Anyone?

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