Friday, June 20, 2014

[BERLIN] Amstel House Hostel

This hostel is actually quite good and with a lot of facilities to boot. They have a playroom downstairs and a bar that is open 24/7. There is also a self-service kitchen for guests who would like to cook, and breakfast options for those who are not that skilled in the culinary arts. There is no scarcity of sofas at the lobby, although it does get crowded when hordes of tourists arrive, mostly students on city tour. In terms of location, the guest house is not far from the main street plied by the TXL and 123 buses. The U-Bahn’s Turmstrasse station is also just around the corner, which translates to convenience as far as going places is concerned.

My only problem with the hostel has been the Internet connection, which was fine during the first two days, but then became very slow during the remainder of my stay. They also do not have Wi-Fi in the rooms, which means having to go down to the lobby every time you need to use the Internet, and that poses a bit of a problem if you are lazy and your room is on the fourth floor. Other than this, there have been no other problems whatsoever. The staff members were all so friendly and multilingual. The dorm was fine, except for the lack of sockets to use for charging stuff.

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