Thursday, June 27, 2013

VANG VIENG: Laos Haven Hotel

It was a bit difficult to locate at first because it was raining and there seemed to be a shortage of public transportation in Vang Vieng. Later on you will realize that it is just really within the main road. Good points first. The staff is the best aspect of this hotel. They speak good English, are very hospitable, and will really help you with a lot of things from booking your bus ticket to anywhere all the way to scanning and printing some important documents for a minimal fee. Free yummy breakfast is served daily. The room is nothing to write home about but it is not cramped either. The bathroom is okay.

There really are not so many negative aspects. Almost everything in Vang Vieng is within walking distance so there is no issue when it comes to that. In terms of price, this one is not the cheapest, but not that expensive either. For the good service and quality rooms that you are going to get, I think it i well worth the price. So yes, I highly recommend it!

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