Wednesday, June 5, 2013

TAGBILARAN: Slim Pension House

I think this is the cheapest available on Agoda, and the location is not that bad, at least relative to Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort, which is on the edge of nowhere. Arriving before noon, I was able to take a nap before meeting the tarsiers. Back on topic, the room is spacious alright, with a double bed and a small TV. There is an aircon, of course, and a phone that could not connect to the outside world despite the label stuck on it saying otherwise. You also have a bible on the bedside table. Hmmmkaaay...

The bathroom is fine but there is no hot water. I was on the third floor, and it felt a bit creepy when evening came because I figured that I was the only one on the floor, or maybe I am not. That is just a guess because there are no lights in the other rooms. The WiFi is strong, but my laptop is being an insufferable diva once again, refusing every WiFi connection aside from the one at the ground floor. The package I booked on Agoda includes breakfast, so I guess we will find out tomorrow if it would be edible. The location is ten minutes away from Island City Mall by tricycle.

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