Tuesday, June 4, 2013

PANGLAO: Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort

My last minute search for accommodation in Bohol yielded a 300-peso a night dorm room somewhere in Dauis. The resort looks very nice, with a pool of its own and fancy pictures of its rooms and bathrooms. I am so getting this one, despite the warning from one comment that it not really in front of the beach. So far, if an offer is too good to be true for its price, then there will probably be a caveat that will bite you in the ass later on. That caveat turns out to be the resort's location. How remote could you possibly get. This happens to be the third or fourth Agoda booking that I have made in which the place is awesome, but the location sucks.

The pool is lovely and uniquely shaped. It is nice to look at, but you would hardly get to do some serious laps in there. The bungalows look like a cross between those little houses in The Hobbit and a nipa hut. The WiFi is a bit intermittent but fine when stable. The pool table and the swimming pool are accessible 24 hours. The bar closes at 11 in the evening. The dorm is the portion of a nipa hut near the roof. It seems to be under construction because the screens are not yet installed, which will leave me at the mercy of mosquitoes later tonight. There are two fans to keep you cool. The shower rooms are in the next wing. The toilets are directly below the veranda doubling as a restaurant. The staff members are friendly. Final verdict? Perfect if you want a hidden getaway with the family; not so much if you are looking for a base to explore Chocolate Hills.

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