Sunday, June 2, 2013

MAMBAJAO - GV Hotel Camiguin

They did not say on their website that they had Internet so I cannot really complain about that. True enough, there was none when I checked in, but because Smart 3G had a signal, I gave it a go anyway. The normal 1000-peso rate for the single aircon room was selling for 435 or something. I think this is the cheapest you could get here for the privacy that you need. It is not near the beach but not too far from some eateries and other attractions either, if you have a habal-habal or if you have rented one, that is.

The room is small and so is the bathroom, but nothing that will trigger your claustrophobia. The Internet or lack of it is the main culprit, but for that price, I would say that it is not at all unjust. You get what you pay for, as they would like to say. Another complaint would be the lack of food choices. They only sell some snacks and water. But then again, this seems to be true for the whole of Mambajao. If you need food that bad, you could go to Rooftop or the bakery nearby, both of which are open 24 hours. I had to transfer the following day because I really needed a stable Internet connection.

MAMBAJAO: GV Hotel Camiguin

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