Sunday, June 16, 2013

MANDALAY: Fortune Hotel

For those who might have missed it when you booked on Agoda, the room is tagged as Superior but there is no en suite bathroom. You have to share the bathroom down the hall. It has two shower rooms and three toilets, all of which are squat type. The room I got was twin bed. It looks a bit outdated but the comfort is there. Besides, this is one of the cheapest you could book on Agoda for accommodations in Mandalay. As long as it is comfortable, then appearances could take the backseat. The room has a small TV, aircon, some wooden shelves, a fan, and a desk, aside from the two beds already mentioned. Free breakfast is included.

In terms of location, it is a bit far from the bus terminal and the airport, but then again all of central Mandalay is far from those two. A motorcycle asked for 2,000 kyat to get me here, which I think is already a good price, as the taxis were charging 8,000 kyat one way. The staff members are friendly but communication is a bit challenging due to their limited English. This is not that big of an issue, though, as they are still very willing to help, and are able to do so after some improvised for of sign language and stuff. As for the WiFi, it reaches the rooms, but as is the story for the rest of Myanmar, it is quite slow, but significantly faster than the one I had in Bagan.

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