Monday, June 3, 2013

MAMBAJAO - Paguia's Cottages

I wanted to transfer to Fantasuites because when I ate dinner there yesterday the guy manning the cashier said their rooms are on 50% off promo, meaning just 1,000 for a single room. They have Wi-Fi, and that is the important part. But my clingy habal-habal driver slash de facto tour guide said he knows a place at Paras beach that is of the same price and it also has in-room WiFi. Fine, let us have a look-see. True enough, it has WiFi, but not working. Apparently, the other router does and offers good connection despite the weak signal. And so my search for an alternative accommodation ends here.

The room is big alright. There are two double beds in there, as if I could use both at the same time. And like what he said, each room is a cottage of its own, not a group of rooms lumped together ala GV Hotel. There is a swing at the garden. The place is one big compound. What would seal the deal for most people, though, would be the location. It is along that stretch of road where most of the ho(s)tels featured on Agoda are. And of course, Paras Beach Resort is just a few steps away if you want some gourmet food and some music.

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