Wednesday, June 26, 2013

LUANG PRABANG: Xayana Guesthouse

Xayana Guesthouse is affordable, I can tell you that, but it does not come without quirks. Let us start with the positive things, though. First stop, the rooms are big. The beds are big. There are four double bunks in a room. There are two showers and two toilets hidden by four separate doors which make it look like one of those game shows in the 90's where you try your luck and open a door. The location of the place could be considered central because the night market is just a few cartwheels away. The location is within a street lined up with other guesthouses, most of them cheap.

What is the downside, then? The WiFi does not reach the rooms. But could you really complain when you pay less than USD4 a night? Well, this seems to be a trivial concern, but when you desperately need to go online at 5 AM, you have to go down those steep stairs all the way down to the lobby. Bonus? Those stairs have no roof, and since it was raining like crazy in Luang Prabang, it only meant a free shower every time you need to go online. I fell down the stairs too, by the way. Nothing major, though, just a few minor cuts, perhaps a twisted forearm, and a surprised Japanese guest who did not know how to react.

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