Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I have slept at the LCCT twice, and those two times were not the best travel experiences I have had so far, and so I did a bit of research. Tune Hotel is the nearest choice, but too expensive for just a few hours of stay, not to mention always fully booked. Another accommodation option surfaced at Agoda. It is called Moon 11, or in some Google search results, Moon Eleventh. It is basically a house in a residential area near Salak Tinggi, the first stop of the KLIA Ekspres from the airport. Jessy, the manager of the place is the highlight of all of this. It is because of her that this arrangement works.

Because of the proximity of her place to the Salak Tinggi stop of the fast train, she offers free pick-up as it takes less than five minutes to get there from her place. Not kidding! She is very hands-on and answers every e-mail that you send her. She is also chatty and perky, a ball of sunshine, or like some other reviews would call her: the mother hen. As for the place, it is the typical modern Malaysian home, with two or three rooms converted into dorms with two double bunk beds. The bathroom was clean, and the internet was fast. What I liked most was the homey feel of the place which reminded me of my parents’ place in Miri. I digress. Anyway, if you find yourself in transit at the LCCT and need some few hours of zzzz’s, then I highly recommend this place.

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