Friday, June 7, 2013

[DUMAGUETE] Gazebo Pensionne House

Surprise! Grande Pensionne Inn was full. Just my luck. It just happens that when I have already been to a city and decide to go back, I stay with the same inn or guesthouse, especially if there have been no complaints during the last time I was there. It appears that Dumaguete’s guesthouses are easily fully booked, and so I had to search for other places and ended up at Gazebo Pensionne which is of a similar vibe and layout as the former. Not bad, except that the Internet in the room had intermittent connectivity in spite of the strong signal. I think I have to blame the service provider. For that, I had to stay at the lobby for any activity I had to do online because the Internet down there was functioning better.

The staff and crew were really friendly and always eager to help. The security guard would even race you to the door so he could open it for you. If you have an early flight the next day and want to have some silvanas or sans rival placed in their refrigerator until the next morning, they would allow you to do so. The room itself is spacious, which is just okay for the price. The bathroom is also large and clean. For some reason, I left the place realizing that I did not take pictures! The photos here are from Tripadvisor and Google Images.

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