Thursday, May 16, 2013

GUANGZHOU: Hotel IBIS Guangzhou Huangshi

I wanted some alone time in order to rest in Guangzhou, and my recent addiction to Agoda and their promo prices further stimulated this search for a cheap hotel. I was looking for something within the PhP750 range, but figured that it would not be so bad if I raise the stakes a bit to around PhP1250. When I saw the word IBIS, I immediately knew that I was in for a bargain, and the room photos confirmed that. Just like that boutique hotel in Shenzhen that came before it, I have no other complaints regarding this hotel aside from its location. While the Agoda profile claims that it is near a certain station of the Guangzhou Metro, the truth is it is a bit far and took half an hour by taxi because of the bad traffic during that time. When I checked out, a taxi ride to the nearest Guangzhou Metro station cost RMB12 and took just five minutes. Still, it would have been nice to just walk to and from the stations, but I love trains. Maybe it is not the same case for you.

There is a 24-hour McDonalds branch at the corner of the road. The hotel also has its own bar and business center. There is no WiFi in the room. Instead, you get a cable connection, which is actually better and more stable. The room is very spacious; the bathroom, not so much but the mall space is maximized a la Japanese bathrooms. There is a desk by the window where you could work. This is a business hotel after all. The air-conditioning system is centralized but can be controlled. Overall, I think what I got was just right for the price. I was able to sleep comfortably and that was the point.

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