Sunday, April 7, 2013

QINHUANGDAO: 01 - Green Tree Inn Sun City Hotel

No WiFi in room. Like, seriously? I had to stay at the lobby most of the time because it is the only place with a working internet connection. Other than that, the room was fine considering it was on promo when I reserved it. A king bed in a room with a view. Not badm the bathroom was also nice. It was okay for me. By the way, it turns out that thisis a motel, although the connotations that go with it in the Philippines does not necessarily apply here, as there were also some families checking in.

I think I will never book with Agoda again. While the hotels they give me exceed expectations most of the time, there always seems to be a glitch in terms of location, although I have to admit that I was at fault this time. I no longer want to expound on it, so let us just say that I spent an hour and a half in a taxi and paid 100 yuan because of that. I know, right. FML.

QINHUANGDAO: 01 - Green Tree Inn Sun City Hotel (CNY130/night)

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