Sunday, March 31, 2013

DATONG: 01 - Jinjiang Inn Datong

Apparently, there are four Jinjiang Inns in Datong, and the one that I hurriedly booked on Agoda because it was on sale turned out to be the one farthest from civilization. This is the only complaint I have for this hotel. Location. What I saved from the promo just got spent on the taxi rides to and from everywhere. The service and the room itself, on the other hand, were cheap for the price.

I was given a twin room with enough space for me not to feel as though I were in a shoebox. The bathroom felt a bit weird at first because it resembled an enlarged version of those capsule showers they have in Japan, in terms of the plastic used for the walls and the floor. Other than that, it was okay. Hot water was available 24 hours. Free toothbrushes and toothpaste for two. This is not me being noob. You just know that I prefer guesthouses to hotels.

The room had two single beds, a mini plasma TV, a desk, and an air-con. In defense of the staff, who came off as snobbish in some reviews the comments section of Agoda, they are not really that standoffish. They just do not speak English. I was assisted despite the language barrier, but it should be noted that I do speak some Mandarin. What they did was type the Chinese characters on their desktop. The ending was me getting the information I wanted.

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