Sunday, January 20, 2013

SIEM REAP: 03 - Mekong Boutique Hotel

I decided to splurge a little in Siem Reap, which would seem a bit strange to some people because this is not even close to splurging for them. Taking advantage of Agoda’s promos, I booked a two night stay in a boutique hotel for thrice the price of my dorm bunk at the Mad Monkey in Phnom Penh. Still, it did not go over a thousand pesos for a night, and so I have to say that it has been a good bargain. Mekong Boutique Hotel is far from perfect, but the friendly staff members who were always accommodating made up for the little quirks such as the bathroom door that would not close. I also got a complimentary pick-up from the Capitol Tours office via tuktuk to the hotel, which is a good deal if you are coming from the airport or the bus station because those two are quite far.

I am not used to this luxury when traveling because I prefer the communal approach of guest houses and hostels, but I do want some privacy from time to time, and where else to get it best than here in cheap Cambodia. The room was supposed to be double but I was given a twin. No problem, I am not that demanding. The bed was more than fine. What I loved about the room was the ample space that you do not often get in guest house, and then add the balcony to that combo and you get a very good bargain. The view is that of the multistory hotel on the opposite side of the road. The bathroom is not that fancy and modern but has a bath tub perfect for relaxation after a long day of temple hopping. Breakfast is free and good enough to keep you energized until lunch for your morning temple hopping escapades. The WiFi reaches the rooms but the signal is a bit weak. The WiFi at the lounge/resto is okay.

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