Thursday, January 17, 2013

PHNOM PENH 03: The Mad Monkey

Whenever I see posts from Filipinos going to Cambodia, it seems as though they always tend to book hotels instead of guesthouses, and so I thought that the options for cheap accommodations were not that many, except that I found out that accommodation in Cambodia, in general, is actually cheap. Still, I preferred a guest house for the Phnom Penh leg, and I ended up at the Mad Monkey.

Centrally located at the BKK area, almost everything is accessible on foot. Or not. I forgot I love walking, but not a lot of people do. In any case, there is a tuktuk always on guard at the guest house’s entrance. Negotiate your fare before leaving. As for me, the city’s grid layout and the fact that the streets have numbers instead of names meant a fun stroll all the time.

I highly recommend the guest house because for one, it is cheap, like USD7 cheap for a dorm room bunk. Of course, this comes with side effects. You know that, right? I booked a bunk in their 20 bed dorm, which was a couple of rooms adjoined with frames without doors. Each double bunk has two outrageously spacious lockers underneath which could actually fit another person. Provide your own lock. The bathroom is fine, nothing fancy. The guest house has a restaurant downstairs and a bar at the rooftop which opens at sundown. Payment is done after checkout, so whatever you order from the resto or the bar could be charged to your bed, if paying outright is not your thing. By the way, the hostel now has a branch in Siem Reap.

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