Wednesday, January 16, 2013

PENANG: 01 - Ryokan Chic Hostels

I guess I made the right decision to choose this relatively new guest house for my stay in Penang. Located at Lebuh Muntri, it means close proximity to Red Garden for your cheap hawker food stalls, and a few cartwheels away from the core district of this UNESCO World Heritage town. There is a bar downstairs connected to the reception area. There are rooms on the ground floor, second floor, and third floor where the six bed dorm I booked is located and reached through a small spiral staircase from the second floor's common showers.

The corridor on the second floor has bean bags, which were just good enough as a resting place reached by the WiFi connection. For stronger connection, the lounge on the ground floor next to the bar has sufficient seats and tables for meals, watching TV, games, or plain chatter. The six bed dorm I booked has an en suite bathroom, which was well-maintained. Perhaps, that is the advantage of this guest house, valuing neatness done through the many postings on the walls reminding tenants to act accordingly.

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