Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[HEILONGJIANG] Harbin Russia International Youth Hostel

As long as you follow the instructions on how to reach the guest house, you would not be lost. Get off at Gao Yi Jie. Face ICBC and the road where the bus is going, yes, that one way street. Look left. You will see a road that says Number Seven, if I remember it correctly. Follow that road. Facing ICBC, you would be heading to your left, meaning you would be crossing that road where the bus was. This guest house is on the Ninth Street. So, follow Seventh Street to the left until you reach the intersection, turn right, and walk two blocks down to reach Ninth. The guest house entrance is in an alley right after Ninth, to the right. There is a large sign saying Russian Hostel. I cannot recall clearly if that is what was written. Anyway, you would know.

You know when you want to take pictures of the rooms and bathrooms at once when you arrive and then say that you would just do it before check out and then the next thing you know you are already on a train to Changchun and forgot to take those photos? That explains the lack of pictures. However, this hostel has loads of pictures everywhere on the Internet so just  feel free to Google them. Moving on, the dorm room is kind of cramped and the only space you really have is the one between the two double bunk beds. There is a counter by the window where you can put your bottle of water so it would be cold later on. The wonders of nature! The bathroom is shared: three toilets (two squats and one western) and three showers. You also find the laundry area there. Lockers are available but you have to give 20 yuan for deposit. Those lockers are OUTSIDE the room, at the corridor, so I just used it when going out, but kept my laptop under my pillow while sleeping.

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