Sunday, November 4, 2012

JAKARTA PUSAT: 01 - Six Degrees

If you go to Hostelworld, you would not find a lot of hostels for Jakarta, and so what I did was choose the one with the highest rating which happened to be Six Degrees, regardless if they did not seem to have a picture of the rooms there. The rate is 120,000 rupiah a night, which is not bad, especially when the location is at the center of the city. Although prices in Jakarta are cheap, it is still good to find an even cheaper choice for accommodation. The place has five floors. The fifth one is the rooftop which is the only area where smoking is not prohibited.

They have more than 10 rooms and some seem to be private while most are dorms with three double bunk beds. I got one of the upper bunks. Each bunk is equipped with a power socket and adaptor, as well as a reading light. Towels are provided. Breakfast is free, which comprises two slices of toasted bread served with butter and your choice between peanut butter or marmalade, coffee/tea/juice, and a small platter of certain fruit selections. Not bad.

Aside from the rooftop, there is also a mini bar and a pool table at the lobby. You can get drinks at the mini bar provided you list them on the notebook and pay before you check out. The nearest Trans Jakart stop would be at Kramat Sentiong Nu, a ten minute walk. There is a Texas Chicken branch beside the hostel and some convenience stores that are easily accessible like Alfamart, 7 Eleven, and Indomaret.

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