Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TAITO: 02 - Khaosan Tokyo Asakusa Annex

I know that accommodations in Japan do not come cheap as I have already experienced them last year when I went to Osaka. The good thing is that Tokyo is just one rank higher than its western cousin on the most expensive cities to live in, which means the adjustment would not be that huge. And so when I saw that Khaosan Tokyo Asakusa Annex was on sale, I already grabbed the opportunity as there seems to be no other guest house in Tokyo that was offering such a cheap deal. The deal was 1,500 yen a night, but since it quickly disappeared, I settled for 2,000 yen a night. Not bad at all!

The location is not that bad either, just a ten-minute walk from the subway lines. If you are very particular when it comes to location, then you have options because Khaosan Tokyo has around four or five branches in Asakusa with different extension names such as Kabuki, Samurai, Ninja, and so on. The kind of accommodation I was interested in was their cabin type dorms, which are wooden double bunk beds that could be locked, meaning you would not be seen from the outside. However, they are 500 yen more expensive and that would be around 2,500 extra because I stayed for five days, and so I settled for the ordinary double bunk beds that could house eight in one room.

The facilities are okay. The bathrooms are clean, and though they seem few, there was never an instance in which I waited in line to use them. The toilets are separate from the showers. Same case. The lounge is the best aspect of this specific branch. With such a big area with a vending machine for drinks, a flat screen TV, some couches, and six desktops in front of the reception itself, meeting new potential friends is as easy as one, two, three! The laundry area on the rooftop is perfect with free detergent and the guarantee that the sun would shine on your clothes, provided that it does not rain. The staff members are not just staff, but your friends! They hang around with you and stuff.  This guesthouse chain also has a bar by the way, located somewhere in Asakusa.

If you want to experience Tokyo but constrained by accommodation budget, go to Khaosan!

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