Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SURABAYA 01: Sparkling Backpacker Hostel

The hostel was far from sparkling because it was under renovation when I got there. Nonetheless, I believe this hostel has potential that could be reached once construction is complete. The only problem I see is that Surabaya does not seem to be getting a lot of tourists, which means less backpackers to interact with, and that is usually what makes hostels great. Without them, it might be hard to establish a good reputation because the hostel is always empty.

In terms of facilities, the biggest surprise would be the absence of a toilet bowl in the ensuite bathroom, which seemed to be large enough to accommodate one but simply did not. As my room was located on the fourth floor, I had to go down to the third floor every time I had to use the toilet. It was a hassle, and hopefully they get to resolve that by adding a shared toilet on the fourth floor, or better yet, in the ensuite bathroom of every room. The Wi-Fi reaches the rooms without problem. The staff members were friendly and eager to help. Another advantage would be the central location which is just walking distance from Stasiun Gubeng and several malls in the area.

SURABAYA: 01 - Sparkling Backpackers Hostel

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