Monday, October 22, 2012

PHAHONYOTIN: 01 - Max One Hotel

The plan was to just stay two days in Bangkok and branch out to Sukhotai and/or Ayutthaya instead. But plans changed, and there are a lot to see in Bangkok. Fine. Still, I had to find some place near Don Mueang because Air Asia moved their operations here. Although the rate of hotels in this area dropped significantly since the advent of Suvarnabhumi, I still wanted something that would not exceed a thousand pesos when converted. And so I ended up at Max One Hotel, despite some bad reviews on several online travel forums. Now that I am here, though, what can I say?

Well, for one, it is not that close to the airport. Seeing how Amari Don Muang was connected to the airport itself by an overpass, I wanted to beat myself with a stick for being a cheapo. Oh well, I decided to finally find this one since I already booked it, and in Agoda you pay for the whole amount. It took me almost half an hour of walking, and less than five minutes on a motorcycle for 10 baht. Fine, I will be taking a taxi for my early flight tomorrow. At least I would not be coming all the way from Silom. Facilities?

The air-con is fine. The room is big, like master’s bedroom kind of big. The bathroom is also spacious. There is a television set, two chairs, and two small tables. The bed is queen-sized, I think. Everything else is floor. Suffice it to say that claustrophobics would not be hating this place. The hotel itself seems creepy because of the dimly-lit halls and the lack of activity. It seems like the guy at the reception counter is the only staff here. The Wi-Fi reaches the room, luckily. There is an equally dimly lit bar right next door, where you could order Pad Thai while watching two scantily-clad ladies gyrate to Moves like Jagger. Where did the McDonalds and the KFCs go, Don Mueang?

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