Sunday, September 16, 2012

HUALIEN: 01 - Amigos Hostel

This was the first one recommended on Wikitravel, and its name is not that hard to forget, so it was the hostel I inquired about at the Tourism Office. Luckily, the location of this guesthouse is accessible enough from the train station. Just walk straight down the road, turn right to 7 Eleven at the second block, and you reach the hostel after a block or two. Give it around 5 minutes, if you are a brisk-walker. Downtown is just down the road, although most people would say that it takes 30 minutes on foot, which is true if you are looking for something in particular such as KFC, which I only reached after half an hour of walking.

The hostel has a lounge which is set up like a bar, with a flat screen TV, a mini library, and lots of space to laze around. The area is open, which brings in some breeze, although mosquitoes tend to tag along. The Wi-Fi reaches the rooms. There are four stories if I am not mistaken, but only until the third floor is occupied by the rooms. You are provided with lockers on the corridors. Word of caution about it: small. The key is available at the reception desk for a deposit of TWD100. They close the place down at 10 PM, which means you have to ask for the backdoor key if you are planning to go home beyond that time. Free complimentary sandwiches are served for breakfast. The rooms are air-conditioned but comes with conditions, allegedly due to “abuse” whatever that means.

The guesthouse also organizes tours and sells tickets for Hualien’s popular attractions.

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