Thursday, August 30, 2012

HANOI: 01 - May de Ville Backpackers Hostel

May de Ville Backpackers Hostel looks like a hotel, except that it really is a hostel, or maybe it is also a hotel? Wait up, it is also a hotel because I saw private rooms for individuals and for families, but for a more expensive fee, of course. The building is located in a narrow alley, so finding it might seem like a challenge at first. It has ten floors. Every floor has this six-bed dorm room, kind of narrow, located by the staircase and fire exit. Inside, you find the bathroom first to your left, a common one for all six and it has no lock, but easy to know if someone is inside because the glass is translucent. The three double bunk beds are lined up next to the wooden lockers, which are big enough for a huge knapsack but you have to provide your own lock.

The lobby has four or five desktops free for use. There is also a storage room where you can leave you baggage if you check out early but still have to do some last minute souvenir shopping or sightseeing. The tenth floor is where the free buffet breakfast is from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM. They offer four kinds of bread, two flavors of marmalade, butter, bacon and hotdog bits, ham slices, pancit, and two juice flavors. Pretty yummy for free breakfast, and as mentioned, buffet! There is a game room with a pool table on the second floor. Wi-Fi is good at the lobby. There is one router for every floor but the signal in the room is kind of intermittent.


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