Friday, August 17, 2012

NAM: 01 - Pusan Hostel

Pusan Hostel is hard to find, at least the branch in Igidae. I believe they have a more established branch in a more accessible location, but the one in Igidae is simply hidden and has to be searched with patience and a good sense of direction. It is located at SK View in Oryukdo. Make sure that you stress out “Oryukdo” because there are many SK Views here in Busan, probably the same developer of high rise complexes as such. Located down south overlooking the Oryukdo islets, Pusan Hostel is in building 110 of SK View Oryukdo. That would be the last building at the corner, nearest to the sea. The bus stop is located right in front of the building and is the last (or penultimate?) stop of bus numbers 131 and 27.

The hostel itself is a rather large condominum unit, more like a suite on the second floor. It appears that in that building, only two units per floor could be found, which explains the big floor area. The guest house has an 8-bed dorm, a 4-bed dorm, and two more rooms that I never got to see. The main bathroom is next to the storage room. It has a bath tub and a shower area. Another bathroom could be found near the entrance but it only has a bath tub and no shower area. You could probably shower in the bath tub though, no one would beath you with a stick if you did.

The lounge is where the socializing happens. There are two mattresses on the floor, a book case with a diverse collection of reading materials, two or three desktops that you are free to use, a PlayStation 3 console, and a veranda separated by a sliding glass door where smokers could laze around all day choosing from either of two red sofas with a great view of Oryukdo’s islets. The kitchen is right next to the lounge. Breakfast, in the form of bread and several dips and dressings, is free.

The only problem I had with this hostel was how Tiger (owner) could not be found especially at night when he is partying with other guests at his café/bar somewhere in Busan. I only met him the day before I was about to check out. He is a cool guy though, very friendly and eager to help. The guest house was almost always full when I was there, which leads me to believe that it is popular despite the secluded location. You would not even find a poster or whatnot saying that it is the guesthouse. To sum it all up, if you want a quiet location (guaranteed, oh so peaceful) with an awesome view, choose this. If you want a more central location near everything else, try their other branch. One of the better hostels I have been to as of late.

NAM: 01 - Pusan Hostel

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Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for your great review.

This is Tiger form Lzone Hostel, Kyungsung Hostel, and Pusan Hostel.

I've been really busy to make the concept to connect all the hostels and Lzone language cafe.

I would love to have one more chance to have you in this beautiful Busan, South Korea.

Good luck with your amazing journey and Happy New Year.

Thank you again.

Best Regards,

ihcahieh said...

@Tiger Jeong - No prob, man. Had a fun stay at your hostel, would be glad to stay there again when I am in Busan. :)

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