Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ANDONG: 01 - Andong Hotel

It was a toss-up between Andong Hotel and Win Hotel. I no longer had time to search for a guest house so I just hopped on a taxi and decided to stay here. I had my doubts because I have read a bad review on the Internet but after seeing my room, well, doubts be gone! Aside from the usual Sadako or the Grudge inspired fear that I have connected to hotel rooms (because I am always alone), there is nothing else to complain about except maybe the Wi-Fi connection, which does not reach the rooms. Staying by the stairs just to access the Internet is quite a hassle!

The price is on the higher range of my usual budget for accommodations but I guess this is well-deserved. I like the room, very homey. This is on par with that posh hostel I stayed at in Calbayog, and this is even cheaper by a few hundred bucks. As for the location, I am not sure yet if it is central, but according to some information I found over the Internet, it seems to be so. Most of the other guests I have seen are mostly Caucasians and Koreans, probably vacationing from other parts of the country.

The room has a flat screen Samsung TV, a desktop which did not seem to be working, a mini-ref with two bottles of mineral water (will probably charge you if you consume them), split-type air-con, a double bed, and two dressers. 

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