Sunday, July 15, 2012

CORON: 01 - Apartelle de Gabrielle

I sent an e-mail to several accommodations in Coron because once again, I am bringing my work with me which means I really need some good Internet connection. There appeared to be a few options. Apparently, blackouts are frequent in Coron, and good Internet is not guaranteed because of bad signal. The representatives from Apartelle de Gabrielle were the ones who always replied to my queries, and they say they have a generator. I ended up with them. The Internet connection is a bit intermittent but as long as I could work, that is fine by me. This is probably the only complaint I could ever think of about this apartelle, and it is not even entirely their fault.

In terms of hospitality, these guys are pro. All of them seem very eager to make sure that I am at home and I have everything I need. What about the facilities? The building is a multi-story house with several rooms of different kinds, all of which are fine by my standards. The bathroom is clean. They are addicted to hangers. There is a flat screen TV, not that I would have time to use it though. The bed is queen sized. There is hot water in the bathroom, except during blackouts, which seem to be frequent, but again, not their fault. The location is not at the town center itself but a quick five-minute tricycle ride is not that much of a hassle anyway. Another caveat for some people might be the location of the rooms, most of which re located on the upper floors, which means you would have to climb some sets of stairs.

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