Monday, June 25, 2012

PAGUDPUD: 01 - Pagudpud Rinnovati

I saw this one on Wikitravel and it got me curious so I decided to have the tricycle bring me here from the town center. First, what I found surprising was the location and how every accommodation option in the area is just next to another, as if they were a village of guest houses clustered by the sea. The said layout would make it easier for you to inquire before you finally decide on which is best for you. As for me, I opted for this place because it is already okay by my standards. I was actually looking for dorm-type accommodations but it seems that there are none here so I just chose a room. At PhP1, 200, I think it is already a good deal. Besides, I only shelled out PhP250 for my accommodation yesterday, so it is time to splurge!

What I like about the room is the ample space of which there is more than enough for you to breathe. The room is air-conditioned. There is a mini television, and a mini foyer that is part of the room itself, with just enough shelves for your stuff. The bathroom has hot water, and the towels are made to look like kissing ducks on the bed, cute. The beach is just a few steps away and there are restaurant/bars lined up by the shore. There are no issues with the Wi-Fi. The signal is strong and the connection, not intermittent. Overall, it has been a good stay and I recommend this place if ever you find yourself in Saud here in Pagudpud for a vacation.

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