Saturday, March 31, 2012

[MAASIN] Villa Romana Hotel

A trip to Maasin was not really on the itinerary except that for some reason I wanted to establish a one-day base in the said city because it seems closer to Canigao. Since there is nothing much to see and I have been awake for 36 hours straight, I thought I would just splurge on accommodation and enjoy a comfy bed for my hibernation set later that day. At Villa Romana Hotel, all these expectations were met.

The single room price is a bit steep at 950 pesos but you get a comfortable lodging for the night and free breakfast in the morning. What I love about the room is that it does not look like a hotel room at all. Perhaps, it is because of the old-school windows or the efficient use of space that the room looks like a normal room in a house, might as well yours. Come to think of it, the set-up of this hotel is really that of an ancestral home, which I guess is what makes it feel so homey. It is as if you have been invited to stay at someone's residence. I love the bathroom too! The space is small but the arrangement of the shower, sink, and toilet are strategic to still give you ample space by the door. Anyway, if you have extra money I really recommend this hotel.

Yes, they accept credit cards. The single room I was in did not have a balcony but you could head to the fire exit, which is actually a veranda, for some fresh air and wonderful view of the port. The restaurant is also facing the sea and you could eat by the balcony, open air. The website is at

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