Sunday, September 11, 2011

OSAKA: 05 - Hotel Toyo

Hotel Toyo would be best described as a backpacker’s hostel in the sense that its layout is like a hotel but the price is competitive with that of guest houses. It’s location at Shin Imamiya is also strategic because it is very near Tennoji, which is the common intersection for most trains. Shin Imamiya itself is actually well-connected to the rail network as well. Either way, you are sure that the less than five minute walk to the station is a guarantee that you’d be going places, if you exploit Osaka’s rather expensive rail network.

The tatami rooms have tatami and a cushion instead of a bed, hence the name. The difference between the fan room and the air-conditioned one is just 200 yen. You might want to consider the air-conditioned rooms if you are also going in the summer, when Osaka is on fire from the heat of the sun. The problem with this hotel is that there are just two stalls in the shower room at the lobby. The room is totally locked when a woman showers. Two guys could go in at once though. There is a toilet for every floor but the only showers you would find are those two downstairs. Yeah, I forgot to mention that: common bathrooms. The single tatami rooms are just that, tatami rooms, no ensuite bathroom. WiFi is strong. There is a common room and a kitchen. You can stay at the lobby if you want to keep cool. The aircon there is always at full blast.

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