Friday, September 9, 2011

OSAKA: 01 - Bonsai Guest House

Their claim that they are just a minute away from Momodani Station (100 steps approximately) is true. The location is good and near some convenience stores like Lawson. A 24-hour McDonalds branch could also be found just across the street from the station. Momodani is part of the JR Osaka Loop, which makes the location of this guest house strategic if you want to maximize the use of Osaka’s rail system.

The guest house is one building with three stories and a rooftop that has a bonsai garden. The reception area, which is merged with the lounge and kitchen, could be found on the second floor. There is one guest room with a total of six bunks on this floor, while the rest of the rooms are on the ground floor accessible through a flight of steep stairs. The two shower rooms and toilets are also located there. The price of a night’s stay is already cheap based on cost of living in Osaka. It would be rare to find something cheaper which is just as good.

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