Friday, August 5, 2011

ZHONGSHAN: 01 - TaiwanMex

I saw this as one of the choices in the Internet before I left for Taipei. Again, I made no reservations. After waiting for more than an hour for the midnight airport bus, I arrived at Taipei Main in the wee hours of the morning and it suddenly rained so hard. After the downpour I started searching for this place, which is just next to the Museum of Contemporary Art. I didn’t find the MoCA, but I found this near the Zhongshan station, which is the next stop of the MRT north of Taipei Main. As they say in their website, TaiwanMex is just a hundred steps away from the MRT, and that is a clear advantage because the districts of Taipei are well-connected by rail.

The room is cramped and this is the first time ever that I’ve experienced sleeping so close to the ceiling. There is a cabinet with a lock for your valuables, one for each occupant of the room. They give you a lock along with the keys to the front gate, the main door, and the room itself. The bathroom is quite big. In fact, I think it is bigger than our room. It is also complete with amenities such as hot water, hair blow dryer, a urinal aside from the toilet itself, and a lot of shampoo. For only NT$300 (roughly around PhP450) a night, this place is already a bargain, and could compare to most accommodations I’ve had before in some provinces in the Philippines in terms of per night rate, although those were single rooms. The friendly staff and other backpackers are a huge plus.

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Anonymous said...

was the mrt still open when you arrived? how far is the place from taipei main. we're considering this place also for our trip.

ihcahieh said...

@elychari - Hi! No, the MRT was already closed by the time the airport bus arrived at Taipei Main. Taiwanmex is walking distance from Zhongshan station, which is the first station north of Taipei Main. I walked, took around half an hour because I did not know where it was exactly. Not that far for me, but then again I love walking. :)

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