Saturday, August 20, 2011

DONGCHENG: 01 - Happy Dragon Hostel

Sanlitun made a very good impression the first time I was in Beijing, so I think the bar was set high enough and Happy Dragon was automatically put on a disadvantage. To be fair to this hostel, the location is cool. Dongsi station is just five minutes away, and their map shows that they are near the Forbidden City, except that maps lie sometimes. Still, I find the location of this hostel more accessible than that of Sanlitun’s, which was a bit hidden. What I missed about Sanlitun was their bar, which was full of multilingual chatter when I was there. Happy Dragon also has a bar but it was empty when I was there. There were parties the following nights and it was a bit loud so I think I was just there at the wrong time. Food was really nice, by the way. The members of the staff are friendly too! I guess I really got lucky with my choice accommodations here in China!

The room seems to be bigger because there are only four beds. There was no feeling of claustrophobia whatsoever. The best deal here would be the bathroom, which is ensuite and very spacious. In a world where showering with three complete strangers won’t be considered taboo, our bathroom here at Happy Dragon would be a good venue and still won’t be that crowded, hahaha. They also organize tours around Beijing and even Tibet. Just ask them. Overall, this hostel has been a great choice for me and I don’t regret a single night being here.

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