Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CHAOYANG: 01 - Sanlitun Youth Hostel

I was looking for a hostel I saw in the Internet. Instead, I found the Golden Pineapple Youth Hostel after walking around for half an hour in the area between Dongzhimen and Dongsi Shitao. I didn't see Dorm Rooms in the per night rate board. The single rooms were CNY200+. I walked again and saw a decrepit building with the heading Hua Tong Xin Hotel, which was the other name of Sanlitun Youth Hostel, the second on my list. The entrance is on the same street as Holiday Inn Express. Don't let the unimaginative Sanlitun Youth Hostel sign by the entrance fool you. Go straight ahead to the parking lot. Turn left and walk straight. To your left you'll see a bar full of Caucasians engaged in multilingual chatter. That's the lobby.

That is what I liked most about this place. The bar. The opportunity for polyglot practice was very much likely. The two girls sharing my table were chatting auf Deutsch. The quartet next to us were all engaged in a group discussion in Spanish. I splurged at the bar because I was starving. More on sweets, i don't drink liquor, which was too bad because they slash the price of your first alcoholic beverage in half as a welcome gift. The card key system and the setup of the room is similar to Rockwood's, except that there are three double bunk beds this time. There are wooden lockers by the door and a writing table next to it. If you want a four-bed mixed dorm, the rate goes up by CNY10, subject to availability. Check in here if you want to build an international network of young individuals. And the bar, cool. Love it!

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