Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MACAU: 01 - Augusters

I arrived in Macau without reservations and with a bewildered look. I took the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau and upon exit of the terminal the people were not really going to the paid buses. What gives? Free shuttles! There are free bus shuttles provided by casinos and hotels. You could avoid paying for any kind of transportation here in Macau if you do research of their routes in advance. I boarded the free Star World bus which dropped me off at Star World, and then another bus from Star World to Galaxy. That’s where I found Internet connection to search for guest houses, and I found Augusters: Boarding house feel, no frills accommodation.

I thought I would check in at Banyan or Okura. I could play rich for a day! The cheapest was MOP1, 700+ a night at the Banyan. That’s when I said, who wants to play rich? Fvck rich people, hahaha. I went to Augusters. Luckily there was still one vacant bed for the day. I only paid a hundred patacas. The next day I only paid 60 because there were no vacancies anymore but they lent me a folding bed and I slept at the lobby. The owner also sleeps there with another folding bed. I love Augusters because I haven’t even crossed the door yet and I was already hearing Tagalog. The wife of the owner is Filipina. The owner is from Bengal. You pay for a bed. The bathroom is small, clean, and common so you have to wait for your turn. Anyway, I loved it here. It’s guest houses for me from now on. I’ve met quite a few people despite being anti-social. Hooray me!


MACAU: 01 - Augusters

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Straypusiket said...

i also stayed there during my first trip to Macau back in 2008. i had a hard time carrying my 15kg luggage upstairs. guess the place is really for backpackers. haha.

ihcahieh said...

@stray pusiket - Yup, kinda hard to climb the stairs but it was good exercise, except when I had my backpack on. Good thing it only weighed 7 kgs, haha. =)

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