Friday, July 29, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR: 02 - Pods Backpackers Home

I saw this one while wandering the streets at three in the morning. The flight was delayed and we landed at the LCCT half past one. Luckily, there was a Skybus waiting for passengers when I got out of the airport. It took around an hour to get to KL Sentral despite the absence of traffic. Well, it was two in the morning. Streets are obviously empty. I tried to walk-in but the girl told me that they were full for the night and that I needed to reserve online. Fine. My arrival was unorthodox, after all. Check in time for most accommodations is mostly done at noon, not at midnight. New Winner Hotel had a vacancy but steep at MYR77 for just half a day of stay. The owner did tell me though that I could check out at 5 PM. Wow, thanks, but I decided to check out earlier so I could check this place out and settle in if I happen to like it, which I did.

I sent them an e-mail for reservation at around 4 AM and got a response at 8 AM asking if I want to reserve. I said yes when I got up at 11 and said that I would drop by to check-in and pay the total amount, which was MYR210 for six nights. I immediately liked the place. They give you a pillow bag with a pillow, a pillow case, and a bed sheet in it. Then they give you a key card for access to the door. The have free breakfast from 7 to 11. AM, obviously. And they have free WiFi at the lobby where you can hang out and watch TV or DVDs.

I was surprised to find the bunk beds empty. I thought they were full. This backpacker haven is fairly new. I think they just launched last month. The floors are not finished yet but the walls are already painted. The air conditioning is centralized and is turned on from 7 PM to 6 AM. You can turn on the fans and the lights anytime you want, I think. The main room for the bunk beds is just one big are facing three lare windows giving a good view of the street below. Along the corridor are the single and double pods, some of which also have big glass windows with nice view. The bathrooms are shared but clean, although they have some sort of “back-to-basics” vibe, which I think is the theme they are aiming for. You could use the lockers. Just ask for a lock at the counter.

With its friendly staff and key location next to KL Sentral and a station of the KL monorail, I could see that Pods Backpackers Home would be a favorite among backpackers in the months and years to come. They just need to wait a while for word of mouth to spread, and I hope it does so quickly because this place deserves it. The next time you find yourself in KL, try dropping by and staying here. I am not their business partner by the way. I am just an amused customer. Unit 1 - 6, no. 30, Jalan Thambipillay, Brickfields, KL. Tel. 603 2260 1434

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I will be travelling with my mom in October. Can you please provide me directions how to get to Hotel New Winner hotel? Which is nearer to KL Sentral (bus drop off)? This hotel or Pods? Thank you!!!

ihcahieh said...

@investingcommoner - Hi, I think both of them are on the same road. From KL Sentral, go down the ramp to Brickfields. Second street from the main road is where both of them are, near the eateries.

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