Sunday, July 10, 2011

DAVAO: 01 - My Hotel

This is, by far, my cheapest accommodation to date, for a hotel. In short, the 100-peso Capul Homestay does not count. Sure, the room is small and the bathroom is shared but the location is in the middle of downtown Davao, which is within walking distance of many establishments and landmarks. At 300 a night, I believe this is already very cheap, taking into consideration that this is Davao, the Manila of Mindanao.

There is no WiFi in the room but you could go down to the lobby. Just ask for the password. The room is not that spacious. Once you open the door, you immediately see the window, the sink by the window, the TV on the table next to the sink, and the single bed occupying the space by the opposite wall. All in all, around 4 square meters. It is already a steal, in my opinion. Mindanao is proving to be really affordable in terms of accommodation!

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